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Have you ever been fired from a job after being told you would be fired, left a job by mutual agreement following allegation of misconduct or unsatisfactory performance or left a job for other reasons under unfavorable circumstances?






List in order, last or present employer first



List in order, last or present employer first



List in order, last or present employer first



Give two professional references who are mature persons of good standing in their profession, and who have known you for the past FIVE years or more. DO NOT name relatives, your doctor or school personnel. You may include the name(s) of anyone presently employed by the Bank.

Please read before signing below:

The facts set forth in my application are true and complete. I understand that if employed, false statements on this application shall be considered sufficient cause for dismissal.

Realizing the banking business involves a trust relationship with its customers and their financial affairs, I hereby authorize the Bank to make an investigation of my previous employment, criminal, personal and financial history. I release both the Bank and all other parties from all liability or damage that may result in the release of any and all information concerning my previous employment, financial or credit report and any and all pertinent information they may have personal and otherwise. I further understand there are certain crimes, which under federal or state law or Pendleton Community Bank’s insurance and bonding carrier’s requirements may require the immediate termination of an employee.

The Immigration and Control Act of 1986 requires proof of authorization to be employed in the United States. I understand that if the Bank should tender an offer to hire me, any employment of me by the Bank will be contingent upon my submission of proof of my identity and eligibility to work in the United States in the documentary form and within the time limits prescribed by the Act. Failure to present these documents will prohibit or discontinue employment.

I agree that, if hired by the Bank, my employment will be at the will of either party and may be terminated with or without cause and with or without notice by either party. I also understand that this employment application and other bank documents, such as policy or benefit explanations, are not and will not be contracts of employment.

Further, it is recognized that any oral or written statements to the contrary are hereby expressly disavowed and are not to be relied upon by me should I become an employee of the Bank. Only the Bank’s Chief Executive Officer may commit the Bank to a contract for employment and any such contract must be in writing.

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