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Hands holding a Christmas present.

Christmas Club

Christmas Club

Celebrate the Season with PCB's Christmas Club

The holiday season is a time of joy, giving, and cherished memories. At PCB, we understand the importance of being financially prepared to embrace the festivities of the season without worrying about your wallet. With our Christmas Club account, we offer you a unique way to save, ensuring that you're all set to spread the cheer. Let's make every holiday season a time to remember!


Open a Christmas Club Account

The Christmas Club Advantage: A Gift that Keeps on Giving

Plan Ahead, Celebrate Stress-Free. The holiday season is a time for generosity, showing how much you appreciate the ones you love. But all those gifts and holiday expenses can really add up. Saving for the season can reduce the impact on your budget and the financial stresses of the season. 

With the Christmas Club account, you can:

  • Tailor Your Savings: Whether you’re saving for grand gifts or smaller stocking stuffers, decide how much and how often you want to save.
  • Earn as You Save: Your holiday fund grows even faster with competitive interest rates.
  • Stay Debt-Free: Avoid the end-of-year financial crunch and enjoy the festivities without a debt burden.
  • Timely Disbursement: By the third week of October, your savings are ready for you, right in time for the shopping season.
  • Yearly Convenience: No need to set up a new account each year; the Christmas Club is your perennial holiday companion.

Light Up Your Holidays with PCB's Christmas Club

The spirit of the holidays is all about love, joy, and giving. With PCB's Christmas Club, ensure that you have the means to give, celebrate, and create lasting memories in Harrisonburg, Beckley, Mount Hope, and many other PCB locations. Let our team guide you on your savings journey. Connect with us today.


What is the Christmas Club account?

It's a special savings account designed to help you save specifically for the holiday season, ensuring you're financially ready to celebrate.

How do I start saving with the Christmas Club?

Simply open an account with Pendleton Community Bank. There's no minimum deposit required to begin.

When will I receive my saved funds?

Your savings and the earned interest is disbursed to you in the third week of October.

Can I withdraw funds before the disbursement date?

Yes, but note that an early withdrawal penalty may apply.

Do I need to open a new account every year?

No, the beauty of the Christmas Club is its continuity. Your account is available for use year after year.

How is the interest on my savings calculated?

We offer competitive interest rates on the Christmas Club account, helping you grow your savings faster. Contact a member of our team for more details.

Is there a monthly fee for the Christmas Club account?

No, there's no monthly service charge for this account.

How can the Christmas Club help me avoid debt?

By saving a little at a time throughout the year, you can avoid relying on credit or loans during the holiday season, ensuring a debt-free celebration.

Can I manage my Christmas Club account online?

Absolutely! We offer free online banking for your convenience.

Who can I speak to for more information?

Our dedicated team across all our locations is always eager to assist. Reach out to us anytime!