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Mobile Wallets

Mobile Wallets

Mobile payment is a secure, easy way to pay at participating merchants using a compatible smartphone, mobile device, or smart watch. Simply add your PCB debit and/or credit card to a Mobile Wallet app on your device. It's contactless, card free, and secure! 


Pay in-store by tapping your device or holding it near the card reader. 

Card Free

Forgot your card at home? No problem! Pay with your device on the go. 


Your debit card number is never used or shared with merchants, nor is the number transmitted with a payment. A unique token number is generated for each payment and only used once. 

Getting started is simple!
  • Download a mobile wallet app or use the default app on your device.
  • Add your PCB card and follow the screen prompts. Instructions will vary by wallet and device. 
  • Start shopping! 
Review the above links for more information about each mobile wallet service, app download instructions, and how to add your PCB card to the service of your choice. If you have any questions regarding mobile wallet, or would like some assistance adding your PCB card, please contact us

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