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Bank Intern Program

Bank Intern Program

PCB Bank Internship



We are looking for college students who are interested in gaining hands-on experience learning about the variety of career paths available in the banking industry. 


Students selected will engage directly with banking officers, executive and senior management, credit analysis, marketing programs, mortgage finance teams, commercial and retail banking groups, accounting team, human resources, training leaders, and much more. This role requires participation with other PCB interns in a team-oriented strategic capstone project. The project exists parallel with the departmental rotations and may have real world application. The final project will be presented to PCB Board of Directors, Executive, and Senior Management near the end of the internship.


This is a paid internship that takes place over the span of 8-10 weeks during the summer months.


This opportunity can be housed at any PCB location.


This internship is an exciting, engaging, and collaborative opportunity. Through the departmental rotation format and strategic capstone project students will have the opportunity to engage in a very hands-on experience in community banking. While also being provided the opportunity to have creative freedom to present ideas and innovations and gain valuable leadership skills. 

Cassidy Bosley

Cassidy Whetzel

My Internship Experience
"Throughout my college career, I was heavily encouraged to participate in internships. I did not, however, partake in one until the summer following my graduation. I chose to intern with PCB due to its closeness to home and I appreciated the opportunity I was given to learn what community banking entails.
Within the two months that I interned, I was given the opportunity to shadow every department within the bank for a span of time that allowed me to learn and understand the importance of that role. Throughout my internship, me and my fellow intern were assigned a project to create a presentation with the purpose of showing ways to attract the next generation of customers. We learned how essential each department is to the success of a community bank. At the end of our internship, we presented to the board and upper management what ideas and solutions we had come up with and answered any questions they had.
As the internship ended, I was invited to stay on at PCB as a Management Trainee. This role was like the internship but was on a full-time basis and allowed me to spend greater lengths of time in select departments. I began in the Customer service sector and learned how to open accounts, renew CDs, and answer any questions that may be thrown my way. After spending three months in this department, a full-time position became available, and I quickly jumped on the opportunity to join the PCB Team in full capacity. The internship and trainee program provided me with the confidence I needed to step into this new role, and the responsibilities that came with it. This experience has been a wonderful launchpad for my career in community banking."