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Gift Card Scam Alert

Gift Card Scam Alert

Our team members have noticed an uptick in fraud, and these cases follow a similar pattern. The scammer reaches out to the customer over the phone, offers a service, and quickly pressures the customer into making a decision.

For payment, the scammer requires the customer to pull money out of their bank account and use it to purchase a gift card. Upon purchasing a gift card, the customer is required to send the gift card number and PIN to the scammer. Once complete, the money is wiped from the gift card in minutes. The scammer walks away with payment, never providing the indicated service.

This is a scam. A legitimate organization will never ask you to purchase a gift card, then share the card credentials as a means of payment. Gift cards are nearly untraceable – that’s why scammers use this method. Another giveaway is the timeliness of the transaction. It must be done right away. A legitimate organization does not pressure customers into making an on-the-spot decision.

If you receive a similar phone call, text, or email, please call your local PCB financial center before acting. One of our team members can help you verify whether this is a legitimate request.