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Reflecting on a Year with PCB

Reflecting on a Year with PCB

Rachel Holtz

Rachel Holtz

Marketing Intern
Summer 2022 - Summer 2023

Walking into PCB on my first day of work, I knew little about what it meant to be a community bank, let alone how to market for one. Walking out of this experience a year later, I see the immense value of community banking and have gained a toolset of marketing skills to take with me in future roles.

I began my time with PCB last summer when I joined the team as a Marketing Intern and continued as a part-time Intern during my senior year at James Madison University. Throughout my experience, I witnessed PCB’s strong community ties and willingness to support good people and good causes.

The opportunity to gain hands-on marketing experience at PCB was the best way for me to truly learn what it takes to be in this industry. I learned so much from Kelsey Dean, Marketing Director, and she allowed me to explore a variety of projects on my own while giving me the resources I needed to succeed.
I got to experience so many aspects of marketing from graphic design by redesigning company business cards, to community projects by organizing fundraisers. I also got to see the love PCB has for our customers through planning fun events like Customer Appreciation Day and ensuring we showed appreciation any way we could.

Customer Appreciation Day

A big takeaway I had from this internship is that community banking’s success is built upon the hard work and dedication of its team members. The team members are the first point of contact for customers and their interactions set the tone for the bank's reputation. The team members at PCB understand the importance of delivering exceptional customer service with a personal touch. They take pride in building long-lasting relationships with their customers and providing them with the guidance and support they need to achieve their financial goals.

These team members have a deep understanding of the local community and are committed to serving it with integrity and professionalism. Their expertise, enthusiasm, and dedication are what make PCB a trusted organization for its customers and a valuable member of the community. The transparency, exceptional team members, and strong core values of PCB made my marketing job much easier.

Overall, this internship has been an incredible opportunity and the hands-on experience I gained by working under Kelsey in marketing has given me a strong toolset to jumpstart my career. This organization is truly community-centered and that became more evident to me the longer I worked there. No two days were the same and I got to explore a variety of areas of marketing and banking while making an impact on the local community. I found a team and workplace environment that was supportive and encouraging throughout my entire internship.

I am so grateful for the opportunity, and I am confident that the lessons I learned during my internship will serve me well in my future marketing career. Thank you, PCB, for everything.

- Rachel Holtz